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I’m a big fan of street art and I’m always on the lookout for them when I travel. I’m lucky to live in Amsterdam as there’s a vibrant street art scene, from countless random pieces to huge, commissioned pieces on the sides of buildings. In addition to works that can be found on the street, the STRAAT international museum for graffiti and street art houses a spectacular collection under one roof, in my book, a must-visit for street art enthusiasts!

straat museum amsterdam
Don’t miss a visit to the STRAAT Museum in Amsterdam Noord (NDSM).

Street art in Amsterdam

There’s loads of street art scattered across Amsterdam. Much of the new work can be found in the districts outside the city centre, such as Noord (North), Oost (East) and Zuidoost (Southeast). Furthermore, there are two excellent museums to appreciate street art: STRAAT and Moco (with works by famous artists such as Banksy).

I love street art which invites passersby to interact with it. I found this piece near the Spaklerweg metro station.
The three crosses represent the city of Amsterdam. This is one of a series from the ‘If Walls Could Speak’ project on the sides of the buildings in Amsterdam East, just behind The Social Hub, off Wibautstraat.
street art in amsterdam
Another beauty from the “If Walls Could Speak” project.
amsterdam street art places
One of my faves from the “If Walls Could Speak” project.
amsterdam graffiti
I found this intriguing piece on a wall behind The Social Hub.
Street art at NDSM in Amsterdam North. The piece on the right of the wall is a portrait of Eberhard van der Laan, the much loved ex-mayor of Amsterdam.
One of my favourites! I found this one in Amsterdam North.
On the side of a building near Leidseplein.
amsterdam street art
This mural of the famous Vermeer painting adorns a wall in the Eerste Schinkelstraat (opposite the western entrance of Vondelpark).


When I read about the opening of an international street art museum called STRAAT, I knew I had to visit it as soon as possible!

The entrance of STRAAT with a portrait of Anne Frank.
amsterdam street art attractions
Inside the STRAAT street art museum.

Located in the very hip NDSM district of Amsterdam North (an old industrial area of the city that’s been completely rejuvenated), the museum turned out to be a visual feast!

street art in amsterdam straat museum
STRAAT is housed in an old warehouse.

The STRAAT international street art museum resides in an old warehouse with 8,000 square meters of floor space and a ceiling 25 meters high! There are five themed sections: Personal, Aesthetical, Emphatic, Grounded and Conscious. It truly is a spectacular space with many intriguing pieces by artists from around the world. Walking around to see the huge pieces is an incredible visual experience!

amsterdam street art
There’s an upper gallery where you can see the entire space and artworks.
street art amsterdam museum
A piece in the Personal section.
There’s a good variety of themes to enjoy.
In the middle of the museum is a truck hanging from the ceiling!
amsterdam street art museum
The Conscious section.
This lizard was particularly striking.
One of my favourites!
Another of my favourites!
There’s also a café on the upper level.

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If you’re a fan of street art, you have to visit the STRAAT museum. Some may say that street art belongs in the street but I’m thrilled that there’s also a museum where street art in its many forms can be appreciated, and the venue is certainly impressive! Get your tickets here.

NDSM street art

The area around STRAAT Museum is also home to loads more street art as well as cafés, restaurants, shops, artist studios and galleries. I recommend strolling around to admire the cool modern architecture and hip urban atmosphere.

Cool modern architecture in the NDSM district.
Colourful street art just outside the STRAAT museum.
The outer wall of STRAAT.
There’s street art everywhere you look!
Drop by in Ijver café for a drink or meal.

How to get to STRAAT Museum

Getting to STRAAT in the NDSM district is a treat on its own. Take the free ferry from behind the Amsterdam Central Station to NDSM Werf (the pier that’s furthest left) and enjoy the 15-minute ride across the harbour. The museum is a few minutes’ walk away from the ferry stop.

Enjoy the views as you ride the ferry back to Amsterdam Centraal Station.

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  • Just been. Inspirational, the whole area. When I think of some of the old steel mill buildings we’ve lost in the last 40 years in my home town (Rotherham/Sheffield), it just goes to show how devoid of imagination we are now in the UK when it comes to urban regeneration?

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