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It’s my favourite time of the year; when the trees and plants awake from their winter slumber and celebrate this with a riot of colours, the family of green frogs in my pond pop their heads out of the water, and everything looks so incredibly fresh. I love spring! One of the things I most look forward to in the spring are the tulips. These gorgeous flowers have their origins in Turkey but nowadays, the tulips in Holland are famous the world over.

tulips in my garden
They can be found everywhere around the country… including my garden!

The tulip fields in the Kop van Noord Holland

In Holland, when it’s spring, there’s one thing you absolutely have to do: go on a walk or drive around the tulips fields. There are various areas where you can do this. My favourites are around the town of Lisse (southwest of Amsterdam, where the famous Keukenhof gardes are located) and the ‘Kop van Noord Holland‘ (North Holland tulip fields), a region north of Amsterdam. Last weekend, I hopped into my car and went for a drive in this region near the towns of Schagen and Callantsoog (map). The endless fields of tulips were truly a sight to behold, even on a grey, drizzly day.

tulip fields schagen photo
Fields of tulips.
More tulips!
Tulips and sheep – beautiful eh?
holland tulip fields
Stunning rows of pink tulips.
And more colours!

The tulip fields of North Holland are an amazing sight – they just blow me away every time I see them, from the ground and from the air. When you’re in Holland in the spring (April is the best month), you HAVE to check out the tulips! The Kop van Noord Holland region is less than an hour’s drive north of Amsterdam. Follow the A9 highway to Alkmaar, then follow either the N9 or N245 roads to see the fields. Many of the tulip fields can be found along the Callantsoog-Schagen axis between the N9 and N245. If you have time, this route can be done as part of the larger Markermeer route.

Please refrain from touching, plucking or trampling on the flowers!



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