Seeing the tulips fields in Holland is one of my favourite things to do in spring. Many people ask me where and when to see the tulip fields in The Netherlands. The most popular flower-growing area in Holland is around the town of Lisse (30 minutes drive, southwest of Amsterdam), also home to the famous Keukenhof gardens. Other tulip regions include the region around Schagen (north of Amsterdam), Flevoland (east of Amsterdam) and Noordoostpolder (northeast of Amsterdam). The best time to view the tulips is in April, depending on the weather of course. I always recommend visitors who wish to see the tulip fields to come around mid- to late-April for the best chances to see the tulips in full bloom.

tulip fields in the netherlands
Tulips as far as the eye can see!

Where to see the tulip fields in The Netherlands

The tulip fields north of Amsterdam

There are several tulip-growing areas north/northwest of Amsterdam:

Castricum – Egmond – Alkmaar

The triangle formed by the towns of Castricum/Bakkum, Egmond aan den Hoef and Alkmaar is filled with a patchwork of flowers, including hyacinths and tulips, every spring. The N512 road from Bakkum to Egmond aan den Hoef, and side roads that branch from it, leads through the flower fields. However, these are small yet busy roads and it’s difficult to stop anywhere. Alternatively, take the train to Castricum (< 30 minutes from Amsterdam), hire a bicycle and head north.

dutch hyacinth fields
Walking or cycling past the hyacinth fields is an incredible experience – the scent is simply intoxicating!

Kop van Noord Holland

My favourite tulip-viewing area lies between the towns of Schoorl, Callantsoog and Schagen. The endless fields of flowers there will simply blow you away! To get here, you can take the train from Amsterdam to Schagen (map). From here, you can hire a bicycle to explore the region (cycle in the direction of Sint Maartensvlotbrug) or take a bus to Callantsoog or Julianadorp. Alternatively, you can hire a car and drive around the tulip fields at your own leisure. This region, also called the ‘Kop van Noord Holland‘ is less than an hour’s drive north of Amsterdam.

A colourful tulip field near Schagen.

From Amsterdam, take the A9 highway to Alkmaar, then follow either the N9 or N245 roads to see the tulip fields. Many of the best tulip fields can be found along the Callantsoog-Schagen axis between the N9 and N245 roads.

See the tulip fields from a steam locomotive

There are also many tulip fields in the Medemblik-Hoorn-Enkhuizen triangle. A historic steam locomotive runs regularly between Hoorn and Enkhuizen via Medemblik. During the tulip months of April and May, a special Tulpentram (Tulip Train) plies the route between Hoorn and Medemblik, offering passengers gorgeous views of the tulip fields.

tulip train holland
The Tulip Train runs past the tulip fields between Hoorn and Medemblik.

Please refrain from touching, plucking or trampling on the flowers!

A blaze of colour!
Tulip fields near Schagen
tulip fields locations
Tulips and a windmill

Read about a road trip around the Markermeer which also includes this tulip region.

Lisse, Hillegom and the Keukenhof gardens

The region around the towns of Lisse and Hillegom, southwest of Amsterdam, is one of the major tulip-growing areas in the Netherlands, and the most popular region for visitors. This region is also where the world-famous Keukenhof is situated, so you can easily combine a drive around the tulip fields with a visit to the Keukenhof gardens.

Read about my drive around the Lisse tulip fields.

Tulip fields near the town of Hillegom.
A blaze of tulips.
Cycling is a great way to see the tulip fields.

Train route past the tulip fields

Perhaps the most scenic train route in Holland in spring is the stretch between Haarlem and Leiden. This 20-minute train ride passes the beautiful tulip fields around Hillegom and Lisse.


Tours to Keukenhof and the tulip fields

If you don’t have a car, you can book a tour to Keukenhof that includes transport from Amsterdam city centre and skip-the-line tickets. Or you can go on a tour from Amsterdam that includes both the Keukenhof and the tulip fields.

Rows of tulips at the Keukenhof Gardens
Tulips and hyacinths in the Keukenhof gardens.

Other tulip growing areas

Other tulip growing areas a short drive from Amsterdam include Flevoland (on the Zeewolde-Dronten axis; about a 40 minute drive) and the Noordoostpolder (Emmeloord-Creil axis; about a 1 hour drive). See the map above for the tulip field driving routes in these areas.

Read about other day trips from Amsterdam and the best towns in The Netherlands to visit.





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  • Such a gorgeous post! When I was studying abroad there, we went to Keukenhof a couple of times and it was stunning. I’d love to explore more of the tulip areas you suggest next time.

  • Hi Jenaae,
    Aren’t they just amazing? I’m glad you got to see them when you lived here. They’re always a highlight for me every spring.


  • The tulip felds indeed is really something to see while in The Netherlands. I did it myself when I lived there for a year and the pictures still amaze me. Thank you for sharing!

  • Holland is one of my top priority places to visit, I really enjoyed your photos and would love to see more.

  • Nice to see a blast of colour. I’ve been shoveling snow this week. I buy cut tulips to perm me up.

  • Hi Adam,
    That’s right. The flower auction market is in the town of Aalsmeer, a short drive south of Amsterdam. It’s definitely a must-see!


  • I have always wanted to visit Holland during the spring (Ive been a bunch, always in the winter though). I hear there is a great (and large) market where whole sellers market tulips that is also a great site!

  • Spare a thought for us in the Southern Hemisphere. Our days are getting shorter and cooler and spring seems a long way away.
    Great photos. I can hardly wait for my bulbs to bloom in my front garden again.

  • Hi Brett,
    No, these pictures were taken last year. The Keukenhof gardens are open so you’ll see some blooms there but the fields won’t be in full bloom yet. Way too cold right now.


  • Are these from this year already? Or has the cold kept them from blooming yet? We’re thinking of heading up tomorrow before we hit the airport for our flight to Taiwan if they’re in bloom…

  • Oh its so lovely Keith. The rows of colours makes you feel so fresh and lively.

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